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What Fast-Track Employment Screeners Won’t tell you About Paperless Employment Screening
California AB 22 and the Use of Employment Credit Reports, A Case for Candidacy Determinant in the Wake of Bad Legislation
APSCREEN's CEO, Tom Lawson Interviewed by Fraud Magazine April 2011
Employment Screening
Critical Guidelines You Need to Know Before Hiring Anyone
Employment Screening Trends
What the Trend in Online Databases Means to the Employment Screening Industry
Employment Screening Today - A Traveler's Advisory
Fair Credit Report Act
Pre-employment Screening
At the Absolute Minimum, What you Need to Generate Effective Background Checks
Stolen Lives, OC Metro
Background Check: Civil Litigation Histories
Understanding Civil Litigation Checks in the Employment Screening Process
The Good, the Bad & the Ugly aka Deductibility, Lease Defaults and Bad Debts
Rancho Santa Margarita News - December 2006, Preventing Problems
Protect Your Business. Avoid Workplace Violence and Negligent Hiring Lawsuits Today's Woman Magazine, March 2006
Informed Hiring Decisions, Essential Information You Need to Know
Today's Woman Magazine, January 2006
Returned Mail and Missing Participants: Get on the Case
Best Practices in Compensation & Benefits (Business & Legal Reports) January 2006
Critical Guidelines You Need to Know Before Hiring Anyone
Today's Woman Magazine, November 2005

Complete Workplace Violence Prevention Manual – James Publishing, Inc.
1997 Edition, Chapter 6 – Pre-Employment Screening (Revised/Updated)
White Paper, A Journal of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
Volume 8, No. 6 – Factual Employment Screening, Part One
Volume 8, No. 6 – Factual Employment Screening, An Employment Screening Outline, Part Two
Los Angeles Times

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