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Drug Testing

The current drug epidemic in the United States workplace costs employers thousands of productive work hours, lowers employee morale, increases incidence of workplace violence, and leaves employers more vulnerable to negligent hiring lawsuits.

In addition to significantly reducing the quality of work performed, drug and alcohol use is responsible for a dramatic increase of workplace accidents, absenteeism and workers compensation premiums. Statistics show that regular drug users are 2 1/2 times more likely to be absent from work, are 1/3 less productive and are 50% more likely to steal from their employer. And, nearly half of all workers' compensation claims involved substance abuse.

APSCREEN provides full-service drug and alcohol screening nationwide. Samples for the detection of alcohol and/or substance use/abuse are available through hair follicles, saliva, urine and/or breath samples. We provide drug and/or alcohol testing for pre-employment, random, post-accident, reasonable suspicion and return-to-duty requirements. Onsite services are available in addition to a network of SAMHSA qualified laboratories nationwide to meet your needs.

We also provide Supervisor Awareness Training (Federal, Department of Transportation requirement) for company owners, supervisors and/or managers. A Federal guideline minimum of one hour training in detecting drug use and one hour training to detect the use of alcohol is provided to all of our clients in a detailed, upbeat three-hour program. This allows sample time for questions, answers and sharing amongst all students in the class.

Drug Testing Services Include: