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Understanding Nuances of Locating Missing Pension and Benefit Plan Participants Without a Social Security Number

by Thomas C. Lawson, CFE, CII Under Title 29 CFR 4050.4 the diligent effort compliance requirement involves locating missing pension and benefit plan participants based on use of the participant’s social security number (SSN). Having the SSN is very important because the entirety of the file chain is rooted in the SSN. Also having the […]

The Ultimate Guide to Locating Lost Benefit Plan Participants

by Thomas C. Lawson, CFE, CII Benefit plan administrators in-house or third-party administrators, often need to locate people who terminate employment without leaving a forwarding address and have benefits due from a qualified plan. By law, these companies must perform due diligence in attempting to locate a lost plan participant in order to meet ERISA, […]