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Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Searches Prevent Negligent Hiring Lawsuits

If you hire commercial drivers, or contract independent drivers, it is critical that you run a search of the Commercial Driver’s License Information System (CDLIS). By running this search commercial drivers can’t hide previous driving infractions, accidents or any back-up driver’s licenses. And, it protects your claim with an insurance agency as most carriers will […]

Critical Ethical Considerations in Employment Screening

by Thomas C. Lawson, CFE, CII What if your employment screening company doesn’t first positively identify your candidate? A case in point: “Edwin Banner” (not real name) of the Des Moines Banners, a comfortable but eternally bored in his plush Manhattan office on the 71st floor decided that the personal exploits intended on his next […]

Is Your Employment Screening Company Inferior?

by Thomas C. Lawson, CFE, CII Your choice of an employment screening company, due to pending legislation called The Fair Chance Act, now more than ever is a critical decision that includes your provider being 100% FCRA 607 & 613 (a) (2) Complaint and 613 (a) (2) Capable. The reason? Many Human Resource departments rely […]

APSCREEN Celebrates 35 Years Aerospace Employment Screening

Aerospace Screening – Tom Lawson, CEO APSCREEN says, “For over 35 years APSCREEN has screened the professionals who make and service the critical stuff that America’s Space & Defense Programs and the Military depend on.” Line personnel, designers, engineers, assemblers, supervisors, managers, strategists, and software developers at every level who have been responsible for making […]

More on Ban the Box Law and Hawaii Court Decision

It’s all the rage – employers high and low are concerned that their rights are being eroded by virtue of some grand plan to undermine the American employer through this recent legislation.  Sorry conspiracy theorists but nothing could be further from the truth! Actually when you look at the underlying theory of it, these laws […]

Global Homeland Security Search FAQs

by Thomas C. Lawson, CFE, CII A Global Homeland Security Search checks a compilation of domestic and international sanctions lists (see below). Individuals or organizations included on these lists may be involved in terrorist activities, money laundering, illegal imports, fraud against government agencies, violations of federal banking regulations, drug trafficking, etc. This search was developed […]

Critical Tips for Choosing an Employment Screener

by Thomas C. Lawson, CFE, CII So what should you be looking for in an employment screening company? First of all, look for longevity. The longer a company has been providing background checks, the more experienced it is, and as a result, the knowledge, they will have in recognizing the signs of a “suspect” applicant. […]

Are people’s social media accounts checked in employment screening?

by Thomas C. Lawson, CFE, CII As a Consumer Reporting Agency, APSCREEN is not authorized by law to purvey unverified information. APSCREEN has long led the fight against the use of Social Media in the hiring context for several reasons: a.       No consent is usually given to use Social Media by the candidate, unless an […]

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Exceptions to the 7-year criminal history rule

by Thomas C. Lawson, CFE, CII Well, there are a number of screening companies that ignore California Law, following only the Federal law which has lifted the time requirement.  California is special in that it maintains a 7-year reporting limit on convictions and a violation of that rule is a big deal! One other thing […]

Top 5 tricks to cheat drug tests

We’ve been providing comprehensive background checks for pre-employment screening for a long time and we wanted to share the top 5 tricks employment applicants are using to cheat drug tests. These pose real risks to employers and could lead to negligent hiring lawsuits. Rapid Detoxification — Many applicants will ingest anything from high quantities of […]

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