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What Keeps the CEO of APCREEN up at night about the background check industry

Tom Lawson, CEO of APSCREEN recently did an interview with DriveThruRadioHR covering many interesting subjects regarding the employment screening industry. APSCREEN set a standard for thorough background checks starting in 1980 to the aerospace industry, and Lawson discusses his journey and how the employment screening industry has developed over the years. Also discussed was the […]

How Ban the Box Affects Employer’s Background Screening Process

by Thomas C. Lawson, CFE, CII Ban the Box – Recently questions have arisen concerning how the background check process will be affected by ban-the-box laws such as the August 13, 2014 enactment of the San Francisco City and County’s ordinance which precludes employers of 20 or more employees from including a request for criminal […]

Workers’ Compensation – Why Good Employment Screeners Don’t Sell These Records

by Thomas C. Lawson, CFE, CII Works’ Compensation Records – APSCREEN is constantly asked why we don’t sell Workers’ Comp records for employment screening purposes so in case you are using such records, or considering the use of same in your screening process, I will detail here why APSCREEN does not purvey Workers’ Compensation Records. […]

What Fast-Track Employment Screeners Won’t tell you About Paperless Employment Screening

by Thomas C. Lawson, CFE, CII Many background-check platforms are web-based and the amount of interactivity required by the end user during the screening process can vary significantly between vendors. Higher-standard employment screening firms opt to process the work in the middle. You enter the information at the beginning and then log on to retrieve […]

Global Homeland Security Search FAQs

by Thomas C. Lawson, CFE, CII A Global Homeland Security Search checks a compilation of domestic and international sanctions lists (see below). Individuals or organizations included on these lists may be involved in terrorist activities, money laundering, illegal imports, fraud against government agencies, violations of federal banking regulations, drug trafficking, etc. This search was developed […]

The Next Level for the Larger Employment Screening Customer

by Thomas C. Lawson, CFE, CII Everybody in the background checking industry misses the point about larger accounts. Most reduce the price because they are tormented by the client to keep the costs low and the carrot to the salesman is the Plum account. What nobody is paying attention to is that the product needs […]

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Why APSCREEN runs like a Rolex watch

by Thomas C. Lawson, CFE, CII At APSCREEN, we are constantly asked why we live in the Stone Age with respect to using paper consent forms and requiring “live” or “wet” signatures on those consents. While just about every one of my competitors will laugh us off, the proof of our being right about not […]

Critical Tips for Choosing an Employment Screener

by Thomas C. Lawson, CFE, CII So what should you be looking for in an employment screening company? First of all, look for longevity. The longer a company has been providing background checks, the more experienced it is, and as a result, the knowledge, they will have in recognizing the signs of a “suspect” applicant. […]

For Employers Who are Still Confused about EEOC Guidance

Though employers have had a few months now to become familiar with the U.S. Equal Employment Occupation Commission’s guidance on the use of criminal background checks, questions and confusion about how best to respond have only grown. The guidance, issued April 25, is broad in its scope and specificity, essentially recommending that employers now only […]

The Best LinkedIn Background Screening Groups

LinkedIn has some great groups that cover the employment screening industry. Some of our favorites are below, be sure to check them out. Background Screening and Due Diligence Professionals Background Screening News and Legislative Updates Better Background Screening Compliant Background Screening Partners Due Diligence and Screening Services Employment Background Check Employment Screening Best Practices International […]