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APSCREEN Celebrates 35 Years Aerospace Employment Screening

Aerospace Screening – Tom Lawson, CEO APSCREEN says, “For over 35 years APSCREEN has screened the professionals who make and service the critical stuff that America‚Äôs Space & Defense Programs and the Military depend on.” Line personnel, designers, engineers, assemblers, supervisors, managers, strategists, and software developers at every level who have been responsible for making […]

The Ultimate Guide to Locating Lost Benefit Plan Participants

by Thomas C. Lawson, CFE, CII Benefit plan administrators in-house or third-party administrators, often need to locate people who terminate employment without leaving a forwarding address and have benefits due from a qualified plan. By law, these companies must perform due diligence in attempting to locate a lost plan participant in order to meet ERISA, […]

What happens to your business if AB 22 passes and is signed?

by Thomas C. Lawson, CFE, CII Well, for us, not much because the language is vague enough, and the justification for the use of the report easy enough so that those who presently use credit reports in the employment context can easily justify their continued use. Also, like any law of this type, it is […]