APSCREEN Celebrates 35 Years Aerospace Employment Screening

Aerospace APSCREEN Employment Screening

Aerospace APSCREEN Employment Screening

Aerospace Screening – Tom Lawson, CEO APSCREEN says, “For over 35 years APSCREEN has screened the professionals who make and service the critical stuff that America’s Space & Defense Programs and the Military depend on.”

Line personnel, designers, engineers, assemblers, supervisors, managers, strategists, and software developers at every level who have been responsible for making you safe in the air, on the ground, on the water; in battle and during peace time have been screened thoroughly by APSCREEN.

Those who build and service rocket engines, aircraft, ships, command systems, and other critical components of a free society have been screened through the APSCREEN so as to ensure that not only qualified people are put in the loop, but those whose backgrounds demonstrate that they run their personal lives as carefully as they ply their craft.

“With the almost daily changes in compliance and the background screening business drawing more and more attention to itself in the civil and bankruptcy courts, it is nice to have APSCREEN in your corner,” Lawson said.  “Unlike most other employment screening agencies, APSCREEN has never been sued, has the same ownership since 1980, the same business model, the same thorough attention to detail, the same forward-compliant thinking and the same amazing customer service – and has been long recognized as the employment industry’s gold standard.”

Many of America’s core contractors and thousands of others have been part of the APSCREEN family for over our 35 years and understand completely how background screening is an essential and critical component of competent hiring which should not be left up to amateurs.

There is only one employment screening company like APSCREEN.

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