What Keeps the CEO of APCREEN up at night about the background check industry

drivethruhrTom Lawson, CEO of APSCREEN recently did an interview with DriveThruRadioHR covering many interesting subjects regarding the employment screening industry.

APSCREEN set a standard for thorough background checks starting in 1980 to the aerospace industry, and Lawson discusses his journey and how the employment screening industry has developed over the years.

Also discussed was the subject of what “keeps Lawson up at night” regarding the background check industry and what employers need to know about the difference between companies who are reselling raw data and those that are professional employment screeners.

Lawson gives insight into the kinds of questions employers need to think about when hiring an employment screening company. The discussion covers critical components of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) regarding sections 613 and contemporaneous notice vs. 607 which requires “maximum possible accuracy” in the screening process. He also discusses the FCRA 613 ruling that requires a consumer report containing public records to be “complete and up-to-date.”

Lawson breaks down the 3 components of contemporaneous notice including:
1. consumer consent to do a background check,
2. if adverse information is discovered in a background check, that the consumer be notified by mail, and
3. the adverse action notice that requires consumers be sent a letter notifying them if their application was denied due to information on a background check.

He also talks about the most important part of a thorough background check and that is the process of Positive Candidate Identification.

This is extremely helpful information that you can access right now by listening to the recording here: DriveThruRadioHR

If you have questions about any of this information, or want to discuss your screening policy with Tom Lawson, just call 800 277-2733.