The Next Level for the Larger Employment Screening Customer

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Thomas C Lawson, Author

by Thomas C. Lawson, CFE, CII

Everybody in the background checking industry misses the point about larger accounts.

Most reduce the price because they are tormented by the client to keep the costs low and the carrot to the salesman is the Plum account.

What nobody is paying attention to is that the product needs to stay the same, but by reducing the cost, either services are going to get cut (I have yet to see a vendor that will work for free, which is what the big companies essentially seem to want) or you will be doing most of the actual work without realizing it (read: SLICK SOFTWARE PROGRAMS)

The truth is that you cannot cut corners when screening your employees, and you need someone at arm’s length do it for you. If my expert witness testimony over the last 29 years and the laws on the subject of accuracy are any indication, spending more, rather than less is the order of the day.

Tragically, the background check business exploded through the cunning and technique of the best of the Suede Shoe boys, who sold anything they could to a hungry audience. Naturally, the lawyers and the government stepped in and the industry is finally cleaning itself up. Those of us here for the long haul had screamed from the mountaintops the need to do the job properly, which no one wanted to hear because it costs significant money to do that job right, and the audience just wouldn’t grasp the concept.

Enter APSCREEN’s business model.

Long serving the aerospace community, we learned from the beginning that there are no corners to cut, no shortcuts to take if you are helping your client hire someone who is going to design escape hatches on spacecraft. Oh, there are just as many pedophiles, rapists, thieves, fraudsters and the like in those ranks, just as in all employment levels, but in that environment, you simply CANT let them through the door, so cost is no object when vetting people that work in the public trust.

So how does a large company, get weaned off of $19 background checks when they haven’t had me testify against them for negligent hiring?

We figured it out, and it makes one hell of a lot of sense.

The challenge is daunting, but the solution actually was right there all along, and it is working in spades at my company and can work for you.



Let us create a team for your company that acts as your hiring office down the hall. We house them, employ them and give them access to all of our sources, capabilities, processes procedures, keep you complaint and on the cutting edge of employment screening .

Here is how it works.

Say your backgrounds run $100 each and you have 100 of them per week. To the salivating employment screening salesman, that is a half-million dollar per year account on its worst day.

So what if the costs to actually develop the raw data cost $32, it takes an hour to do it (another $30 because cheap labor spells incompetent background check) and the compliance, software, etc. is built-in. Add 20% to that to keep the vendor’s interest in your business and what you now have is better, more consistent screening at the highest level (not junk data checks) for $74, a 26% savings, right off the top for a better product, a team dedicated to your account rather than your background being put into the General Population with everyone else’s. (That means they know all of your nuances).

The hardest concept for most to grasp seems to be the $100 for the background check in the first place, and that is because the sleazy side of the background check industry (notice I didn’t say “employment screening” industry – the two are unrelated) has fooled American Business into thinking that they can get a good background check for less than that. Less than $100 is when you start calculating litigation costs, plain and simple, if my expert practice is any indication.

There you have it! If you want to reduce costs, have virtually your own in-house screeners that are better than anything you could ever create because you are not in my business and elevate the level of your background to that of the aerospace community give me a call, we’ll get it done for you!

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