Cheap Background Checks

San Francisco considers barring employers, landlords from inquiring about arrests or convictions –

Therein lies the rub – “which record belongs to the person I am interested in?”

There is a tremendous amount of “data” but which of it applies? That is why there is VERY HEAVY regulation in the Consumer Reporting Industry, and it amazes me how these firms can simply say “we are not a consumer reporting agency” when they are clearly one. That reduction in the costs of compliance and verification account for 98% of the difference in a $6 search versus an $85 search.

That is why when I say “you get what you pay for” you really do, and you also get the gift that keeps on taking which is the liability that goes along with it.

For those of you using cheapie background check services and social media websites now, especially with the FTA’s position statement on social media website use needing FCRA compliance, “you get what you pay for” means more now than ever before!